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Waves of love, waves of sorrow, waves of passion, waves of peace; Crashing waves, lapping waves, symphonic waves, nourishing waves; Waves of change, waves of life, magical dancing waves of light.


Gasping for fortitude, grasping at illusionary straws … fears to grapple; Purging of preset conformity, pursing of determined lips … truth to pledge; Accepting the light, accelerating the messy mend … peace to affix; Meditating for clarity, magnifying the aesthetic soul … creativity to…

Her Iridescent Heart

She stood in a dim light before her heart Seeing a dull reflection mirroring her assumed roles, Worthy of society’s approving pat on the back, Empty. She stood in darkness behind her heart Weighted by a lifetime of self-inflicted fears, Warranting a tearful ugly…

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