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  1. Dear Aileen,

    My name is Nicole LeBlanc and I am writing to you today for GAPS diet support. I recently found your contact information on the GAPS practitioner website and am looking for someone, preferably with experience with Autism and with a nutrition background, to help my toddler daughter and I heal our gut issues using the GAPS diet protocol. My family and I currently live in the twin cities.

    I recently re-read Dr. Campbell-McBride’s book and feel that this is what we need and what I am ready for right now in my life. Through the years, I have suffered from significant digestive upset after years of antibiotic abuse and birth control use as well. Oh, and lots of lots of anxiety meds and very poor nutrition.

    As you probably know, this diet is very complicated and restrictive, and brings about many questions and areas of confusion due to its precision. I started the diet on my own 3 weeks ago now and am still on stage 2, as I am afraid to move on until I have some questions clarified. If you are still offering services, or could supply me with any additional helpful information, I would be interested in discussing that with you. I am a follower of the WAPF and very much resonate with their principles, though due to my school schedule, hadn’t been cooking as much as I’d like as a busy commuter student.

    Do you recommend that two family members begin the diet at the same time? Or is it best to do it differently? My daughter has recently been showing early signs of Autism and so I am desperately looking at repairing her gut asap so that she can be relieved of this life. As for me, I have all of the GAPS symptoms under the sun, and recently was hit with an asthma diagnosis, which during this pandemic is particularly scary.

    Any and all support you can offer us as we navigate this journey would be much appreciated. I suspect a significant dairy sensitivity in the both of us, which makes the constipation and dairy introduction a bit stressful for me.

    I thank you for your time and wish you and your family wellness during this time.


    Nicole LeBlanc (and Ulla)


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