Have Aileen share her stories with your group. Her lively book readings include tips on how to heal with food and juicing samples. To learn more, click this link:

Moby’s First Day of Kindergarten is a heartwarming story about autism acceptance and peer advocacy.

Moby’s First Day of Summer Vacation is a delightful story about the delicious healing power of food.

Moby’s First Cookbook offers over 50 delicious grain-free, sugar-free, gut-healing, kid-approved, GAPS friendly recipes for your enjoyment.

Book Reading Comments:
“Aileen’s gentle personality and infectious laugh kept the kids engaged and listening. We all learned a few new techniques in including friends and making better food choices. Moby was a big hit too!” – Lezlea Dahlke, Winona Public Library


Both books share Aileen’s son’s journey on and off the autism spectrum, from the acceptance and advocacy by his peers to the healing power of real nourishing food. Aileen is delighted to be both Noble’s mom (the cat) and Moby’s mom (the marmot)!

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