Savory Recipes



Gently stir 2/3 cup kefir grains into a jar of 2 quarts milk.
Screw on lid.
Let sit at room temp (about 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit) for 24 hours.
After 24 hours, refrigerate kefir.

• To keep temperature constant, put kefir in a yogurt machine (following the directions of the yogurt machine) and plug into a lamp dimmer switch.
• If kefir sits more than 24 hours, it may become tart, but is still edible and beneficial.
• Scoop kefir grains off top of current completed batch and reserve for next batch.
• Obtain kefir grains from friend or internet.
• Make sour cream using kefir grains by following the above instructions, except substitute cream for milk.

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