“OUT OF THE POOL! BOTH OF YOU, OUT OF THE POOL, RIGHT NOW!” screamed the mom in the Erin Brockovich movie upon realizing her girls were swimming in toxic water.

I have “OUT OF THE POOL” moments. “OUT OF THE POOL” moments are adrenaline charged “AHA” moments and often elicit a sinking, urgent fight or flight feeling. Like when my boys tested off the chart for aluminum, a toxic metal. Yes, aluminum is a toxic metal that you do not want accumulating in your body or that of your loved ones. Large amounts of aluminum have been found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s. I had listened to the ever so helpful and cheerful aluminum foil television advertisement ladies. Per their recommendation, I was storing and reheating leftovers in aluminum foil. Heavy amounts of toxic metals are found in people with autism. My son, at the time, had just been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. My “OUT OF THE POOL” moment meant a flight from and removal of all aluminum foil. We’ve now lived aluminum free for almost 10 years. No aluminum foil covering a cardboard star at the top of our Christmas tree, no aluminum in our baking powder, no aluminum in our deodorant, and certainly no cooking or storing food with aluminum foil. (Note: My oldest son is no longer on the autism spectrum due largely to dietary intervention and detoxification.)

Other “OUT OF THE POOL” realizations include the harm of low and no fat diets, toxic cleaning and personal care products, and the more pool/water related dangers of chlorine and fluoride, both neurotoxins.

So what is sounding the sirens this time?

Bras. Yes, bras. Channeling my inner Lorax, I speak for the boobs, “Off WITH THE BRAS!” From a Brockovich perspective, the bra is the pool trapping toxins in the lymph fluid in the breasts. Toxins lead to disease. Whereas toxic metals are linked to autism and Alzheimer’s, toxins in the boobs are linked to tenderness, fibroids, and breast cancer. The lymphatic system is a detoxification pathway without a pump. It relies on physical movement for the lymph to move. Bras do not allow for movement crucial for eliminating toxins.

As my Facebook Happy Nourishers know, I went bra free on October 13, 2013, per the pink movement, in grand fashion. I stood in front of a Nutritional Therapy Association class as a group leader and removed my bra while chanting, “Who let the girls out? Flap, flap, flap, flap.” (A parady of the Baha Men song about dogs.) I personally know how important it is for the lymphatic system to flow after 9 tearless years. That’s right. I was unable to cry for 9 years. Last summer I started executing self lymphatic massage after watching massage therapist Heather Wibble on YouTube. With self and professional massage, homeopathic lymphatic drainage support, practicing yoga, and focusing on hydration, I am happy to report that I am able to squeak out a few tears now.

But on October 14, 2013, I wore my bra again. And again on October 15, 2013. Why? I was conforming to an uncomfortable lymph stagnating and toxin trapping contraption perpetuated by the beliefs of society and the undergarment industry. Well, not anymore. On October 16, 2013, I benched the bra. After three days of freedom and continued mind blowing “OFF WITH THE BRA!” research, I don’t foresee going back. Tomorrow I will attempt to do three hours of exercise letting them all hang out. Actually, I will wear a tank top (or two) underneath a baggy t-shirt because I don’t want people noticing my liberated girls. Even with feelings of self consciousness, I feel amazingly free! Freedom of lymph is often spiritually connected to freedom of the soul.

To wrap your brain around unwrapped boobs and to counter any “buts” that you might have (believe me, I had them too), please peruse these FAQ’s at
Aren’t bras GOOD for my breasts?
But women have worn bras forever…right?
Do bras cause breast cancer?
Do bras cause fibrocystic disease?
But I wear a bra so my breasts won’t sag…
Why do my breasts hurt at the end of the day?
Why are my breasts painful just before my period?
Should I wear a bra when I exercise? My breasts bounce a lot.
My breasts are HUGE. I couldn’t possibly go without a bra!
What will my boss say if my nipples show?
How can I keep my breasts healthy?

This “OUT OF THE POOL!” and “OFF WITH THE BRA!” moment stirs a fight response for women to regain their health and wellbeing! Join the movement for movement! Show support for no support! Let me know how it goes.

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