Know and Believe

I know that every bite counts.  I know that everything we eat either adds to or subtracts from our health and wellbeing.  Food is that important.  Nutrient dense, chemical free, as straight from the source as possible, whole food matters.  I use the word “know” because many people over the years have used that word with me.  For example, one mom told me that food would not help her autistic son because she knew something was wrong with his brain and she had the brain scan
to prove it.  A school psychologist knew that one of my sons would never be the sharpest tack in school and he had the testing to prove it.  (This son is now
excelling at school.)  The experts know that a low fat diet makes a person healthy and they have the studies to prove it, even though Americans are getting sicker and heavier.  All this “knowing” seems to have morphed into belief systems.  With so much conflicting knowledge, how do you know what to know and believe?  The answer is simply listening to your body.  Your body is telling you many important things via how you emotionally and physically feel? If you feel stressed, your body needs quality fats and rest.  If you feel moody (like after eating two pieces of lemon cake), your blood sugar needs stabilization.  If you have allergies, your digestive system needs healing.  Everything you feel matters.  If you eat quality whole healing foods, you will feel better.  Listen, feel, and then decide what you know and believe.

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