Hypoglycemic Me

Pride cometh before the fall, or in my case, the hypoglycemic crash.  I am the hypoglycemic in my family, as mentioned in the previous post.  Today, I did not mange it well.  I still adhered to the GAPS Diet, as always, but I had two pieces of the Yummy Lemon Cake (posted on Facebook) by themselves, without extra fat to slow the rush of glucose into my blood stream.  Even though I know that I cannot eat more than a bite or two of raw honey goodies, I did it anyway. The result was that I got very sad.  I attributed this sadness to other factors.  It took me morphing into an angry bear at about 10:00 this evening for me to realize that I had been experiencing blood sugar related mood swings ever since enjoying the cake.  Upon devouring leftover beef, ratatouille, butter, and avocado, I quickly regained my normal demeanor.  When faced with sweets, I often forget about the consequences.

My true vice is avocado chocolate pudding.  Here is the recipe:

Chocolate Pudding

5 avocados

1 cup raw honey

2/3 cup raw cocoa powder

1 tbsp vanilla flavoring

1 tsp sea salt

1/3 cup water

Mix all ingredients in a food processor or blender.  Adjust water for desired consistency.  Enjoy!

This past week I did not indulge in my creamy, chocolaty vice, because I recognized my need to reign in my slightly out of control daily glucose intake.  The lemon cake, however, called my name as if it would be rude not to respond.  Maybe eating some butter with the cake would have helped maintain a more even mood.  Next time I need to consider the consequences and figure out a way to eat more fats along with the sweet or limit/skip the treat.  The food we eat affects our mood.  My indulgence today of lemon cake serves a reminder of our responsibility to take care of ourselves and make every bit count.

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